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Frequently Asked Questions




Q:        What is the Argenta-Oreana Educational Foundation (AOEF)?

A:        The AOEF is a not-for-profit organization, meeting IRS requirements, which strives to provide financial assistance to enhance the educational experiences of A-O students.


Q:        What is the mission of the Foundation?

A:        Our mission is to partner with the community to fund educational opportunities and initiatives that will inspire excellence and enrich the total educational experience of all students in the Argenta Oreana school district through the generation, attraction and distribution of financial and other resources.  


Q:        How do I donate to the Foundation?

A:        The AOEF welcomes donations and works cooperatively with donors to ensure that their wishes are met.  You can send a cash or check donation to the following address:


            Argenta-Oreana Educational Foundation

            Attn: Mr. Damian D. Jones, Sr., Superintendent

            500 N. Main St., PO Box 440

            Argenta, IL 62501


NOTE: There are many ways that you can donate to the foundation.  Here is a short list of possible ways:

·         Cash or check donation.  (This is the easiest way to donate.)

·         Gifts of property.

·         Naming the AOEF as a beneficiary in a will or living trust.

·         Naming the AOEF as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

·         Donating real estate or other property.

·         Giving a gift in someone else’s name.

·         Providing a service to the foundation that would otherwise cause the foundation to employ an outside consultant/etc. at a cost to the Foundation.


Q:        Is the Foundation affiliated with the school district?

A:        The AOEF is a separate, legal entity, and is not a part of the school district.  The Foundation and the school district work in cooperation to enhance the educational opportunities for students at all A-O CUSD #1 schools.




Q:        What are the goals of the Foundation?

A:        The goals of the AOEF are as follows:

·         To promote lasting educational improvements in the Argenta Oreana School district.,

·         To generate funds to advance the Educational Foundation’s mission.,

·         To promote a positive image of the Argenta Oreana  School District to the community and beyond, and encourage the entire community to support its schools.,

·         To foster academic achievement for all students by supporting and promoting the District’s academic programs and accomplishments.,

·         To increase community pride and support for the Argenta Oreana School District and its high academic standards.


Q:        Who makes the decisions about how funding is utilized?

A:        The Foundation Board of Directors is responsible for the financial management of the Foundation’s funds and will make decisions as to how donations are utilized; however, the Argenta-Oreana CUSD #1 Board of Education, by Board Policy 291.00, has the ability to refuse to take a donation if the donor requires the money be utilized for an area that is not compatible with the Board’s educational objectives and policies.


Q:        Are contributions tax deductible?

A:        Yes!

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