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Principal Sean German
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director Dan Sheehan

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True Grit? 

When I first saw these words as part of the title to an article on www.edutopia.org, I wondered what a novel written in 1968 and later made into a movie about a fourteen year old girl seeking justice for the killer of her father could have to do with education. The complete article is attached and can also be found at this link, http://goo.gl/w1Z7GX I quickly realized that the words True Grit are very applicable to education. The article referenced research by Angela Duckworth, who along with other psychologists and researchers has found that grit is a critical component of determining whether or not a student will graduate. Author Jon Gordon defines grit as the ability to persevere, overcome and move forward in spite of challenges, failures and obstacles. (Jon Gordon on twitter @jongordon11) Our students face many obstacles and challenges as they navigate their high school experience. As parents, it is our natural instinct to protect our kids. We don’t want our kids to be in pain whether it be physical or emotional. While protecting our kids must be a top priority, it is becoming more and more evident that we must also empower and teach our kids how to deal with obstacles, and adversity – GRIT. This means that rather than protecting our kids from potential failures it is vital that they have the opportunity and experience of learning how to overcome the adversity and obstacles that they will surely face. As adults it is also our responsibility to recognize when our kids have taken on more than they can handle. At those times we need to find the balance of what is effectively challenging and what is unattainable. Please join me in encouraging our students to take on challenges and difficult tasks even when the potential for failure may be high. It is my desire that we provide our students with the confidence and TRUE GRIT to take on challenges and persevere in the face of failure. “Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” – Abraham Lincoln 

Sean German
AOHS Principal



High School News and Announcements

In an effort to maintain a safe environment for all of our visitors attending Argenta-Oreana High School football games the following activities and items will be prohibited:


·         Footballs and all other athletic equipment that can be thrown. (Including but not limited to baseballs, softballs, soccer balls, and Frisbees)

·         Pickup games of football and all other games that include physical contact.


Prohibited items that are brought will be confiscated and may be picked up in the office on the next scheduled day of school.


Elementary school students should be accompanied by and supervised by an adult. Middle School and High School students are expected to watch the game.


** The practice field directly behind the press box and the varsity baseball field will be off limits. All students should be at the football field fence or in the home side bleachers.**

Prior to the 2015-2016 school year, school districts were prohibited from preannouncing early dismissals due to heat. The announcement had to occur the day of the early dismissal. This was not ideal as it could cause issues with day care and other logistics. Please be advised that the State Board of Education has removed this prohibition to preannounce early dismissals due to excessive heat. During periods of extreme heat, the superintendent and building administrators will conduct morning and afternoon classroom temperature checks, review the forecast, and will try to make calls on heat dismissals the day before they are needed. We hope early dismissals will not be necessary; however, we take student and staff safety very seriously and do not want to expose anyone to hours of excessively hot conditions that can occur in the classrooms in the afternoon. If an early dismissal is announced, the elementary school will dismiss at 12:45 p.m. The middle and high schools will dismiss at 1:00 p.m

SchoolMessenger: If you miss a SchoolMessenger call, you can retrieve the message by calling SchoolMessenger back at the number on your caller ID. 1(844) 879-7422.