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Principal’s Corner

Illness is something that directly impacts each and every one of us at some time or another. When students or adults are truly sick and contagious to others we certainly do not want them to place themselves or others at risk. However, there are also those times where it’s just easier to stay home rather than put forth the effort to get ready and fulfill the responsibilities of the day. Research clearly indicates that regular student attendance can have a positive impact on student achievement and that excessive absences can have a detrimental impact on student achievement. Excessive absence is commonly referred to as 18 or more absences in a school year or only two absences per month.

Please assist us in encouraging consistent student attendance. When possible, please try to schedule appointments and family trips outside of the school day. We understand that this is not always feasible. In those situations it is important that our students communicate clearly with their teachers to get any missing assignments or information made up as soon as possible in order to stay on track academically.

As a school we annually report our attendance data to the State of Illinois and part of our funding we receive is based upon our Average Daily Attendance. In this situation, poor student attendance negatively impacts revenue that our schools need.

Your help is greatly appreciated as we work together to encourage consistent student attendance at school.


Sean German 

AOHS Principal 




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