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Middle School Book List 2012-2013

Applegate, Katherine -- The capture  2012,  153p
The Animorphs are in real trouble when they transform into flies to invade the new base of the alien Yeerks, and Jake becomes the enemy after falling into the Yeerk regeneration pool.
Applegate, Katherine -- The encounter  2011, 154p
Tobias has stayed in his morph too long and must now live out the rest of his life as a hawk, but that does not keep him from contacting his friends and continuing the fight against the Yeerks, a race of hostile aliens that are invading and controlling the brains of humans.
Applegate, Katherine -- The invasion  2011, 185p
Jake and his friends are given the power to morph into animals by a dying alien who tells them the Earth is under attack by the invading Yeerks, and they are called upon to test their new abilities almost immediately when they learn that Vissar Three, deadliest of the Yeerks, is after them.
Applegate, Katherine -- The predator 2011, 153p
Marco is a reluctant Animorph, having been given the ability, along with four other friends, to change into animal forms by an Andalite prince, an alien who wants help in stopping an invasion of the enemy Yeerks, but when he discovers that his mom, who he believed was dead, has been taken over by the Yeerks, he finds a reason to fight.
Applegate, Katherine -- The visitor 2011, 174p
Rachel and her friends run into a dying alien who gives them the power to morph into any animal they touch, placing the responsibility of saving the Earth from a silent, deadly attack completely in their hands.
Ashby, Amanda -- Fairy bad day 2011, 336p
High schooler Emma is devastated to learn that she may not follow in her mother's footsteps as a dragon slayer, but with an unlikely band of allies she discovers that she may, indeed, be more adept at slaying giant killer fairies.
Benton, Jim -- Can adults become human? : by Jamie Kelly c2006, 117p
Jamie begins to wonder if adults lose their sense of humor when they get older after noticing that her social studies teacher, Mr. VanDoy, never smiles.
Benton, Jim -- Me! (just like you, only better) : by Jamie Kelly  c2011.
Jamie shares her plans for her upcoming birthday party with her diary, and explains how there came to be such a mix-up about which band she likes.
Benton, Jim -- Okay, so maybe I do have superpowers : by Jamie Kelly  c2011, 142p
As their school gets ready for the annual Fun Fair, Jamie and Isabella agree to compete in the bottle toss game and to terrible consequences for the loser.
Benton, Jim -- School, hasn't this gone on long enough? : by Jamie Kelly c2012, 134p
Jamie's struggles continue with school issues and grades, especially in math, as she ponders life's big questions.
Benton, Jim -- The super-nice are super-annoying : by Jamie Kelly  c2012, 125p
Jamie's struggles continue with school issues, grades, and getting along with others.
Black, Kat -- A Templar's destiny , 2012, 249p
The Chosen, Tormod, aided by Aine and Bertrand, returns to France seeking other Gifted members of the Templar Order and striving to recover the relics he is bound to protect, while also hoping to find and rescue his brother, Torquil.
Black, Kat -- A Templar's gifts  2011, 266p
As the Chosen, Tormod knows he will have all the Gifts heaven and earth can bestow, but he still struggles to gain control of his visions and powers as men of the French king seek the relics he is bound to protect.
Cabot, Meg -- Forever princess  2010, 383p
Mia, who is finally a senior at Albert Einstein High, faces difficult choices about boys and her status as princess while her future, and Genovia's, hang in the balance.
Cabot, Meg -- Party princess  2008, 288p
In a series of humorous diary entries, fifteen-year-old Mia tries to figure out how to raise money for the bankrupt student government at her school while also worrying about how to become a "party girl."
Cabot, Meg -- Princess on the brink  2008, 238p
Princess Mia's junior year in high school begins with a difficult course load, a crazy student council race, Grandmere's search for temporary lodging, and the news that her boyfriend is moving to Japan for a year.
Carter, Ally -- Out of sight, out of time  c2012, 294p
Cammie Morgan wakes up in an alpine convent and realizes that she has no memory of the several months that have passed since she left Gallagher Academy to protect her friends and family from an ancient organization known as the Circle of Cavan.
Chima, Cinda Williams -- The exiled queen 2011, 586p
Two teenagers, one fleeing from a forced marriage and the other from a dangerous family of wizards, cross paths and fall in love.
Chima, Cinda Williams -- The gray wolf throne, c2011, 517p
Thief-turned-wizard Han Alister joins forces with Raisa ana'Marianna, heir to the Queendom of the Fells, to defend her right to the Gray Wolf Throne.
Corder, Zizou -- Lionboy : the first book in a trilogy 2004, 275p
In the near future, a boy with the ability to speak the language of cats sets out from London to seek his kidnapped parents and finds himself on a Paris-bound circus ship learning to train lions.
Crew, Gary, 1947- -- The end of the line  2008, 73p
Overweight and shy, Janet keeps to herself at school until Lola arrives and decides they will be friends, but Janet is afraid Lola is just teasing her, as others do, when she reaches the spot where they are to meet for a sleepover and weird things start to happen.
Crocker, Carter -- The last of the Gullivers  c2012.,217p
After orphaned twelve-year-old Michael Pine, who seems headed for trouble, meets old Lem Gulliver, he finds new purpose as protector of the Lilliputians who live in Lem's back garden, even if that means saving them from one another.
Early, Alan -- Arthur Quinn and the world serpent c2011, 320p
When he moves to Dublin, Arthur has premonitions about a great evil that threatens the world and soon finds himself up against the trickster Viking god Loki and the World Serpent.
Evans, Richard Paul -- Michael Vey : the prisoner of cell 25   2012, c2011., 326p
Fourteen-year-old Michael discovers he has special electrical powers and, with the help of his best friends, becomes aware that there are other teens with similar powers, but something or someone is hunting them and, after Michael's mother is kidnapped, he will need to rely on his powers and his friends to rescue his mom, protect himself, and save the others.
Frost, Helen, 1949- -- Hidden  2011, 147p
Years after Darra Monson's father stole a minivan with Wren Abbott hiding in the back, the girls come face to face at summer camp and together they try to work through what happened to them and the impact it had on their lives.
Gier, Kerstin -- Ruby red  2012, c2011., 324p
Sixteen-year-old Gwyneth Shepherd unexpectedly travels through time to the eighteenth century, and she must find out why her mother lied about her date of birth to hide her ability, research her history, and work with Gideon, another time traveler.
Grant, Michael -- The key / (The Magnificent 12 Book 3), c2012.
Even though Mack MacAvoy hates doing homework, he must learn the magical language of Vargran in order to defeat the Pale Queen and her evil daughter, Risky; and along with Jarrah, Xiao, Dietmar, and Stefan, he travels to Europe to find the key that will unlock the power of Vargran.
Grant, Michael -- Trap / (The Magnificent 12, book #2) c2012
Grant, Michael, 1954- -- The call Katherine Tegen Books, 2011, 243p
Mack MacAvoy, a seriously average twelve-year-old boy, is faced with a difficult decision when a three-thousand-year-old man appears in the boys' bathroom and informs him that he is one of the Magnificent Twelve and is needed to find his eleven teammates and save the world.
Green, Tim, 1963- -- Pinch hit  c2012, 311p
Trevor, an actor in a major film who lives in a Bel Aire mansion, and Sam, a boy who enjoys baseball and barely has enough to survive on, each have very different lives but look exactly alike. When they realize that they are twins, the boys decide to switch places.
Griffiths, Sara -- Singled out : a novel c2011., 171p
Teenager Taylor Dresden gets a once in a lifetime chance to play baseball for the all-boys prep Hazelton School. Taylor faces challenges from Sam Barrett the leader of the Statesmen, who does not want her there, and classes that are harder then ever.
Gutman, Dan -- Ted & me  c2012, 194p
When Stosh travels back in time to 1941 in hopes of preventing the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that brought the United States into World War II, he meets Ted Williams, one of the greatest hitters in baseball history. Includes notes about Williams' life and career.
Harrison, Michelle, 1979- -- 13 curses  2012, 486p
When fairies steal her brother, thirteen-year-old Rowan Fox promises that in exchange for his return she will find the thirteen charms that the fairies have enchanted and hidden in the human world.
Harrison, Michelle, 1979- -- 13 secrets  2012, 421p
Now living at Elvesden Manor under her real name of Rowan, Red attempts to put her past behind her, while fairy messengers try to convince her to participate once more in the changeling trade and she is haunted by dreams of an old enemy who is determined to exact his revenge.
Harrison, Michelle, 1979- -- 13 treasures 2011, 355p
Bedeviled by evil fairies that only she can see, thirteen-year-old Tanya is sent to stay with her cold and distant grandmother at Elvesden Manor, where she and the caretaker's son solve a disturbing mystery that leads them to the discovery that Tanya's life is in danger.
Hennesy, Carolyn -- Pandora gets angry 2012, 310p
Mysterious sandstorms and frightening strangers are hindering Pandora and her friends' attempts to get to Persia and recover the fifth evil, rage, but they are helped by a cute Persian boy who leads Pandy and crew to the Garden of Jin where a genie is hiding their prize.
Hennesy, Carolyn -- Pandora gets greedy  2012, 292p
Pandy, Alcie, Iole, and Homer travel to Rome to search for another deadly evil--greed--and encounter Julius Caesar, and the Roman gods.
Hiaasen, Carl -- Chomp  c2012, 290p
The difficult star of the reality television show, "Expedition Survival," disappears on location in the Florida Everglades, where they were filming animals from the wildlife refuge run by Wahoo Crane's family, and Wahoo and classmate Tuna Gordon set out to find him, but they must avoid Tuna's gun-happy father.
Higgins, Wendy -- Sweet evil  c201, 453p
"Sweet southern girl Anna discovers at age sixteen that she is the daughter of a guardian angel and a demon, the only one of her kind. As Anna struggles to fight the dark legacy of her father, she falls for the mysterious Kaidan Row, the ultimate bad boy. Forced to face her destiny, she must decide whether to embrace her halo or her horns"--Provided by publisher.
Holm, Jennifer L -- Eighth Grade Is Making Me Sick  c2012.
Horowitz, Anthony, 1955- -- Heroes and villains  c2011, 165p
A collection of retellings of ancient myths about heroes and villains, including selections featuring Achilles, Grendel, Gawain, the Green Knight, and others.
Houck, Colleen -- Tiger's voyage  c2011., 543p
After their battle with the villainous Lokesh, Kelsey and the Indian princes Ren and Kishan return to India, where Kelsey learns that Ren has amnesia and five cunning dragons try to keep the trio from breaking the curse that binds them.
Inzana, Ryan -- Ichiro , 2012.
Ichiro's mother decides they should move from New York City to his grandfather's home in Japan after Ichiro's American father is killed in Iraq. As his grandfather shows him significant places in Japan and he experiences a supernatural encounter with gods and creatures of Japanese mythology, Ichiro reflects on nature, humanity, the divine, and war.
Jacobson, Jennifer, 1958- -- Small as an elephant  2011, 275p
Abandoned by his mother in an Acadia National Park campground, Jack tries to make his way back to Boston before anyone figures out what is going on, with only a small toy elephant for company.
Johnson-Shelton, Nils -- The Invisible Tower  c2012, 335p
A twelve-year-old boy learns that he is actually King Arthur brought back to life in the twenty-first century--and that the fate of the universe rests in his hands.
Kirkman, Robert -- Science Dog. 1, 2012.
Science Dog, a dog who was altered by a scientific accident to be super-intelligent and human-like, returns from a mission in another dimension only to be plunged immediately into a fight that will will determine mankind's future.
Klass, David -- Timelock  2010, 255p
Jack discovers that the only way to protect the Earth from ecological disaster at the hands of the Dark Army is to lock time, and he must choose between staying in the present or returning to the future world from which he came.
Lerangis, Peter -- The dead of night  2012, 190p
Siblings Amy and Dan must find another way to outwit the Vespers when they target and kidnap Dan's only friend, eleven-year-old Atticus.
Lupica, Mike -- Game changers  2012, 207p
When the coach's son, Shawn O'Brien, is chosen to play quarterback, eleven-year-old Ben McBain is not surprised--but when he tries to be a good teammate and help the inconsistent Shawn, he is startled to learn that his new friend does not really want the position.
Lupica, Mike -- The underdogs  2012, 280p
Small but fast twelve-year-old Will Tyler, an avid football player in the down-and-out town of Forbes, Pennsylvania, takes matters into his own hands to try and finance the city's football team, giving the whole community hope in the process.
Lynch, Chris, 1962- -- Sharpshooter  2012, 187p
Ivan fearlessly enlists in the United States Army in hopes of becoming a war hero like his father, but after being trained as a sniper and getting sent into the jungle of Vietnam, Ivan begins to question the war.
McMann, Lisa -- Dead to you  2012, 243p
Having been abducted at age seven, abandoned, a foster child, and homeless, Ethan, now sixteen, is happy to be home until his brother's suspicion and his own inability to remember something unspeakable from his early childhood begin to tear the family apart.
McMullan, Kate -- Get to work, Hercules!  c2012, 199p
In this updated version of Greek mythology, Hades, King of the Underworld, tells the true story of Hercules and his twelve labors.
McMullan, Kate -- Go for the gold, Atalanta!  c2012, 183p
In this modern version of Greek mythology, Hades, King of the Underworld, tells the true story of Atalanta, the foot race, and the golden apples.
McMullan, Kate -- Have a hot time, Hades!  c2012, 167p
In this story with a modern twist, Hades tells his own version of how he became King of the Underworld and Zeus became King of the Gods.
McMullan, Kate -- Keep a lid on it, Pandora!  c2012, 183p
In this modern version of Greek mythology, Hades, King of the Underworld, tells the real story of Pandora opening the box and releasing all the evils of mankind into the world.
McMullan, Kate -- Nice shot, Cupid!   c2012, 199p
In this updated version of Greek mythology, Hades, King of the Underworld, tells how a gawky teen Cupid fell in love with the mortal Psyche and what really happened when he kidnapped her.
McMullan, Kate -- Phone home, Persephone! , c2012, 167p
In this modern version of the Greek myth, Persephone asks Hades for a ride to escape her overprotective mother, sneaks into the Underworld, and refuses to leave.
McMullan, Kate -- Stop that bull, Theseus!  c2012, 183p
In this modern version of Greek mythology, Hades, King of the Underworld, tells the true story of Theseus finding his way through the labyrinth to slay the Minotaur.
Miller, Faye Young -- Winning basketball for girls    c2009, 170p
An illustrated guide to basketball for girls that covers rules and regulations, basic to advanced techniques, effective drills, workout regimens, and related topics.
Morgan, Melissa J -- Alex's challenge   c2005, 156p
Eleven-year-old Alex Kim has a difficult time hiding a secret from the other girls at summer camp as she tries to keep up with sports and relationships.
Moses, Shelia P -- The baptism  2008, 130p
In twentieth-century Occoneechee Neck, North Carolina--an area still affected by its history of slavery--twelve-year-old Leon Curry reflects about whether he wants to give up sinning to be baptized alongside his twin brother.
Moses, Shelia P -- The legend of Buddy Bush   c2004., 211p
In 1947, twelve-year-old Pattie Mae is sustained by her dreams of escaping Rich Square, North Carolina, and moving to Harlem when her Uncle Buddy is under arrest for attempted rape of a white woman and her grandfather is diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor.
Moses, Shelia P -- The return of Buddy Bush   c2006, 143p
Following her grandfather's death in rural North Carolina in 1947, twelve-year-old Pattie Mae learns more about her family after reading her grandmother's collection of obituaries and traveling to Harlem, New York, to find her uncle who has escaped from the Ku Klux Klan.
Myers, Walter Dean, 1937- -- The Cruisers  2011, 126p
Friends Zander, Kambui, LaShonda, and Bobbi, caught in the middle of a mock Civil War at DaVinci Academy, learn the true cost of freedom of speech when they use their alternative newspaper, The Cruiser, to try to make peace.
Myers, Walter Dean, 1937- -- Kick   2012, 197p
Told in their separate voices, thirteen-year-old soccer star Kevin and police sergeant Brown, who knew his father, try to keep Kevin out of juvenile hall after he is arrested on very serious charges.
Papademetriou, Lisa -- Accidentally fabulous  c2008, 187p
Amy Flowers can't wait to start the seventh grade at Allington Academy, but when she gets on the wrong side of the most popular girl in school, Amy fears she will never be accepted.
Park, Linda Sue -- Archer's quest  2008, 167p
Twelve-year-old Kevin is quietly doing his homework in 1999 when a fully-armed archer tumbles through space and time and into his bedroom,and upon verifying that the intruder is Chu-mong, a Korean king and folk hero from the ancient past, he works to find a way to send Chu back before history is altered forever.
Patrick, Cat -- Revived  2012, 336p
Having been brought back from the dead repeatedly by a top-secret government super drug called Revive, and forced to move so the public does not learn the truth, fifteen-year-old Daisy meets people worth living for and begins to question the heavy-handed government controls she has dealt with for eleven years.
Patterson, James -- Nevermore / (The Final Maximum Ride Adventure) , c2012.
Not yet published: This item is scheduled to be available on August 6, 2012.
Paulsen, Gary -- Crush : the theory, practice, and destructive properties of love  c2012, 136p
Afraid to actually ask Tina Zabinski for a date, eighth-grader Kevin spends most of his time theorizing about love and romance and observing and analyzing male/female interaction.
Peirce, Lincoln -- Big Nate makes the grade  c2012.
Not yet published: This item is scheduled to be available on August 21, 2012.
Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849 -- 18 best stories by Edgar Allan Poe  c1966, 287p
A collection of eighteen classic short stories by nineteenth-century American poet and author, Edgar Allen Poe, including "The Black Cat," "The Tell-Tale Heart," and "The Cask of Amontillado."
Putney, Mary Jo -- Dark mirror  2011, 312p
Lady Victoria Mansfield has struggled to keep the secret that her blood is tainted by magic, but when a shocking accident forces her to reveal her skill, she is shipped off to Lackland Academy, a reform school for young men and women in her position, where she learns important lessons about love, friendship, and courage.
Reisfeld, Randi -- What the dog said   2012, 239p
Shortly after their police officer father is killed in the line of duty, thirteen-year-old Grace's older sister decides to adopt a dog to train as a service dog for a handicapped child so that she can write about it for her college applications, but true to form, it is the grief-stricken Grace who ends up taking responsibility for the dog.
Riordan, Rick -- The serpent's shadow  c2012,  406p
When Apophis, the chaos snake, threatens to plunge the world into eternal darkness, siblings Carter and Sade Kane plan to use an ancient spell to destroy the snake, but first must rely on the murderous ghost of a powerful magician.
Ritter, John H., 1951- -- Fenway fever    c2012, 230p
Twelve-year-old Alfredo "Stats" Pagano and Boston Red Sox pitcher Billee Orbitt work together to break a potential curse at Fenway Park.
Scott, Michael, 1959- -- The enchantress  c2012, 517p
With only a day left to live and one job left to finish, Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel must defend San Francisco from monsters on Alcatraz Island; meanwhile, Sophie and Josh Newman travel into the past after Dr. John Dee and Virginia Dare.
Shan, Darren -- Brothers to the death   2012, 260p
Vampire Larten Crepsley must prevent the Nazis from gaining access to the power of the vampires, even when his blood brother Wester delivers the news that the one person Larten loves most in the world might be in danger of a deadly vampaneze attack.
Shan, Darren -- Palace of the damned   2011, 247p
Having received a sign that he is not meant to die, young vampire Larten tries to live in the human world, raising the infant who survived his vengeful killing of a ship's crew and falling in love with a human girl, but the darkness inside him forces him back to Vampire Mountain.
Sitomer, Alan Lawrence -- Nerd girls : the rise of the dorkasaurus   c2011, 220p
Three misfit middle school students team up to try to beat out the catty and mean "ThreePees"--pretty, popular, and perfect girls--at the school talent show.
Smith, Jennifer E -- The statistical probability of love at first sight   2012, 236p
Hadley and Oliver fall in love on the flight from New York to London, but after a cinematic kiss they lose track of each other at the airport until fate brings them back together on a very momentous day.
Smith, Roland -- The 39 Clues --Cahills vs Vespers, book #4 - shatterproof   c2012.
Not yet published: This item is scheduled to be available on September 4, 2012.
Stine, R. L -- Night of the living dummy  2008, c1993, 132p
Kris, jealous of her sister Lindy's success as a ventriloquist, convinces her father to buy her a dummy of her own, but weird things start to happen after she reads the words inscribed on a piece of paper found in the dummy's shirt pocket.
Stine, R. L -- Night of the living dummy II  c1995, 120p
Amy is thrilled when her father brings home Slappy, a ventriloquist dummy he found in a local pawn shop, but her enjoyment turns to terror when she discovers Slappy has an evil routine of his own.
Stine, R. L -- Night of the living dummy III   c1996, 125p
An evil ventriloquist's dummy is terrorizing the O'Dell household, and Dan and Trina are getting blamed for Slappy's nasty tricks.
Suen, Anastasia -- A girl's guide to volleyball   c2012, 32p
Quizzes, rules, and tips and tricks on how to play volleyball.
Tierney, Josh, 1984- -- Spera   c2011,175p
Princess Pira approaches Princess Lono with terrible news about an evil force that threatens their lives, and with the help of Pira's best friend, a fire spirit in the form of a dog named Yonder, the princesses set out for a magical realm named Spera.
Turnage, Sheila -- Three times lucky  c2012, 312p
Washed ashore as a baby in tiny Tupelo Landing, North Carolina, Mo LoBeau, now eleven, and her best friend Dale turn detective when the amnesiac Colonel, owner of a cafe and co-parent of Mo with his cook, Miss Lana, seems implicated in a murder.
Van Draanen, Wendelin -- The running dream   2012, 336p
When a school bus accident leaves sixteen-year-old Jessica an amputee, she returns to school with a prosthetic limb and her track team finds a way to help rekindle her dream of running again.
Wallace, Rich -- Curveball   2008, 112p
Seventh-grade baseball player Eddie Ventura listens to the sports announcer's voice in his head and gets into trouble when he writes a series of articles for the school paper.
Watson, Andi -- 15 love  c2011.
Teenage tennis player Mill Collins, who is struggling with her game and keeping her scholarship at the Wayde Tennis Academy, turns to Walt, a has-been who believes in her, to coach her.
Watson, Jude -- A king's ransom   c2011, 190p
Thirteen-year-old Dan Cahill and his older sister Amy race against time to find an ancient map that has not been seen for half a century and use it to redeem their family members who have been kidnapped by a sinister organization called the Vespers.
Westerfeld, Scott -- Goliath  2011., 543p
Alek and Deryn encounter obstacles on the last leg of their round-the-world quest to end World War I, reclaim Alek's throne as prince of Austria, and finally fall in love.
Mikulski, Keri, 1977- -- Head games : a novel  c2011, 288p
Taylor Thomas is confident and in control on the basketball court, but off the court, she finds her life spinning out of control as she juggles the team, two potential boyfriends, and her friend's fashion show.
Mikulski, Keri, 1977- -- Stealing bases : a novel  c2011, 274p
Former mean girl Kylie Collins, trying to deal with her parents' split and her cheating ex-boyfriend, decides to concentrate on the baseball season and her dream of being recruited for Division One softball at UCLA, but she is challenged on the first day of practice by Amber McDonald, the best pitcher in the state, who snags Kylie's starting position, but does not make a dent in her determination.
Shepherd, Nicole -- Fifteen Love   c2012.
Not yet published: This item is scheduled to be available on August 30, 2012.
Tigelaar, Liz -- Playing with the boys : a novel   c2008, 278p
Fifteen-year-old Lucy, having moved from Ohio to Malibu, California, following the death of her mother, is upset when she fails to make the soccer team at her new school, but she begins to regain her confidence when the soccer coach suggests her super-accurate kick could be of great benefit to the football team.
Tigelaar, Liz -- PrettyTough : a novel   c2007, 246p
Two feuding sisters from Malibu, California, take their rivalry to the soccer field when both girls make the high school team.
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