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School Reach Message 2-4-14

Good Morning, this is Damian Jones, Argenta-Oreana District Superintendent, calling with an announcement for Tuesday, February 4th.

Unfortunately, weather forecasts have solidified the odds that a major snow storm is moving into the area today.  The forecast is calling for 5-9 inches of snow with heavy winds tonight into tomorrow morning.

Additionally, we have detected a smell of ammonia at the elementary school.  The smell appears to be emanating from a sump pit in a custodial closet. We have brought in the Argenta-Oreana Fire Protection District to test the air.  At this point, it appears to be more of an annoyance than a safety issue. 

It is important to note that no students have indicated that they feel poorly; however, a staff member has indicated that they don’t feel well.


Although there does not appear to be any immediate safety concerns, if any of our parents or guardians would prefer to pick their child up at the elementary building prior to 12:45, arrangements can be made in the office. 

The snow event, coupled with the smell of ammonia at the elementary school, has prompted the district to cancel early today.  Today, Argenta-Oreana schools will be dismissing at 12:45 at the Elementary and 1:00 at the Middle/High School. The afternoon session of Pre-K will be cancelled.


All practices, games, school events, and the after school spelling bee are cancelled.


We are bringing in resources this afternoon to address the issue of this ammonia smell.

Thank you and BE PROUD TO BE A BOMBER.