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NameEmail AddressPositionPhone Extension
NameEmail AddressPositionPhone Extension
  Richland College on Campus Dual Credit Psychology & Sociology 1222 
  7th & 8th Grade American History 1312 
  MS Resource 1330 
Adams, Chevauna cadams@argenta-oreana.org MS & HS Bands, Marching Band, MS Fine Arts, 5th Grade Band MS/HS 1288 - ES 142 
Altig, Tom taltig@argenta-oreana.org Middle School & High School Technology Coordinator 1326 
Anderson, Renee randerson@argenta-oreana.org Chemistry, Environmental, Zoology, and General Science 1172 
Armstrong, Erica earmstrong@argenta-oreana.org Elementary School Library Aide 143 
Baer, Cheryl cbaer@argenta-oreana.org  English II, English II Enriched, Writing I, and American Literature 1218 
Beals, Janarra jbeals@argenta-oreana.org K-3 Cross Cat. Teacher 152 
Bergfeld, Daniel dbergfeld@argenta-oreana.org Algebra II, Math IV, and Pre-Algebra 1203 
Blair, Patrick pblair@argenta-oreana.org Middle School Principal 1302 
Caplinger, Sandy scaplinger@argenta-oreana.org Elementary Secretary 110 
Champion, Heather hchampion@argenta-oreana.org 2nd Grade Teacher 132 
Chapman, Marleah mchapman@argenta-oreana.org HS Spanish I, II, III, IV 1220 
Charron, Kathy kcharron@argenta-oreana.org Middle School Secretary 1300 
Cleary, Emily ecleary@argenta-oreana.org HS Consumer Economics, Career Exploration, Foods and Nutrition, Living Environments, Orientation to Family and Consumer Science, Child Development 1161 
Cowgill, Geoff gcowgill@argenta-oreana.org Writing II and English Literature, English 101 & 102 Dual Credit, Honors Literature I & II, English Skills 3 & 4 and Composition 1219 
Crawford, Derek dcrawford@argenta-oreana.org HS Geography, Government, Varsity Boys Track Coach 1224 
Dahl, Tonya tdahl@argenta-oreana.org Title 1 Aide 140 
Daley, Mark mdaley@argenta-oreana.org District Mechanic  
Dambacher, April adambacher@argenta-oreana.org HS Formal Geometry, Freshman Geometry, Honors Algebra II, Informal Geometry 1202 
DeSutter, Rae Ann rdesutter@argenta-oreana.org MS & HS Chorus, MS Fine Arts 1247 
England, Cheryl cengland@argenta-oreana.org 2nd Grade Teacher 130 
England, Jodi jengland@argenta-oreana.org Art I, Art II, Art III, Art IV, 6th Grade Art, 7th Grade Art, 8th Grade Art 1171 
Foran, Elizabeth eforan@argenta-oreana.org Pre-K Teacher 165 
Ford, Lucy lford@argenta-oreana.org Kindergarten Teacher 151 
Fornear, Tara tfornear@argenta-oreana.org High School Secretary 1100 
Gebben, Eric egebben@argenta-oreana.org HS American History, American and Global Issues, Current Events, Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach 1221 
German, Sean sgerman@argenta-oreana.org High School Principal 1102 
Greer, Leslie lgreer@argenta-oreana.org High School Resource 1153 
Haley, Allison ahaley@argenta-oreana.org 4th Grade Teacher 134 
Hall, Heidi hhall@argenta-oreana.org 6th & 7th Grade Literature 1325 
Hays, Sherri shays@argenta-oreana.org 2nd Grade Teacher 128 
Herek, Cora cherek@argenta-oreana.org Elementary Music - Chorus 141 
Hill, Jessica jhill@argenta-oreana.org Social Worker 1111 
Hoffman, Shelley shoffman@argenta-oreana.org High School Resource 1155 
Hornsby, Jean jhornsby@argenta-oreana.org Kindergarten Teacher 122 
Jones, Cally cjones@argenta-oreana.org 4th Grade Teacher 131 
Jones, Damian djones@argenta-oreana.org Superintendent 1107 
Jones, Gwyn gjones@argenta-oreana.org Elementary Physical Education 157 
Keathley, Joslyn jkeathley@argenta-oreana.org 0-3 Program Family Consultant 160 
Kirk, Steve skirk@argenta-oreana.org HS Physical Education, Weights, Varsity Football Coach 1151 
Kraus, Dustin dkraus@argenta-oreana.org Middle School Physical Education, Assistant HS Football Coach, 8th Grade Boys Basketball Coach 1324 
Logue, Mindi mlogue@argenta-oreana.org District Bookkeeper & Secretary, Varsity Volleyball Coach 1106 
Macklin, Molly mmacklin@argenta-oreana.org Speech Pathologist 126 
Manning, Nikki nmanning@argenta-oreana.org 4th Grade Teacher 137 
Manzella, Emily emanzella@argenta-oreana.org 1st Grade Teacher 124 
McQuellon, Jill jmquellon@argenta-oreana.org 2nd Grade Teacher 123 
Miller, Suzanne smiller@argenta-oreana.org 1st Grade Teacher 121 
Molotoris, Brian bmolotoris@argenta-oreana.org HS Physics, Physical Science 1175 
Montague, Marilyn mmontague@argenta-oreana.org 6th Grade -8th Grade Resource 1328 
Morr, Melissa mmorr@argenta-oreana.org 6th & 7th Grade Language Arts 1329 
Moss, Regenia rmoss@argenta-oreana.org 5th Grade Teacher 150 
Moyer, Susannah smoyer@argenta-oreana.org 7th & 8th Grade Literature 1318 
Murbarger, Angie amurbarger@argenta-oreana.org District Office Administrative Assistant & Assistant District Bookkeeper 1105 
Neisslie, Sarah sneisslie@argenta-oreana.org Kindergarten Teacher 116 
O'Connor, Yvonne yoconnor@argenta-oreana.org 6th & 8th Grade Science  1316 
Ortiz, Suzy sortiz@argenta-oreana.org Elementary Physical Education Aide 156 
Paradee, Bridget bparadee@argenta-oreana.org 1st Grade Teacher 122 
Prather, Paula pprather@argenta-oreana.org 6th & 7th Math 1317 
Ravenscraft, Holly hravenscraft@argenta-oreana.org Pre-K Teacher 164 
Reed, Heather hreed@argenta-oreana.org 3rd Grade Teacher 135 
Reynolds, Kristin kreynolds@argenta-oreana.org MS English  
Ripley, Tamara tripley@argenta-oreana.org HS Algebra I, Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry, Calculus 1201 
Ruwe, Jan jruwe@argenta-oreana.org 7th/8th Grade Mathematics 1331 
Ryder, Amanda aryder@argenta-oreana.org Elementary School Principal   
Schrey, Melissa mschrey@argenta-oreana.org HS English I, English I Skills, English I Enriched, English II Skills, Composition, Community Service Coordinator 1204 
Sivill, Julie jsivill@argenta-oreana.org 5th Grade Teacher 154 
Slemp, Linda lslemp@argenta-oreana.org Transportation Director  
Sparks, Dena dsparks@argenta-oreana.org High School Secretary 1000 
Spinner, Amanda aspinner@argenta-oreana.org HS Anatomy/Physiology, Biology 1173 
Stewart, Emy estewart@argenta-oreana.org Accounting, Desktop Publishing, Financial Planning, Information Processing, Marketing, Practical Law, Word Processing, Student Publications 1210 
Stoerger, Angie astoerger@argenta-oreana.org Elementary Art 147 
Stupek, Nancy nstupek@argenta-oreana.org 3rd Grade Teacher 136 
Sunderland, Crystal csunderland@argenta-oreana.org Elementary Secretary 111 
Swanson, Kim kswanson@argenta-oreana.org Kindergarten Teacher 153 
Taylor, Sunny staylor@argenta-oreana.org 3rd Grade Teacher 133 
Trendler, Heidi htrendler@argenta-oreana.org HS Physical Education  
Trusner, Andrea atrusner@argenta-oreana.org 5th Grade Teacher 148 
Underwood, Nicole nunderwood@argenta-oreana.org 6th & 7th Grade Social Studies 1319 
VandeVoorde, Cheryl cvandevoorde@argenta-oreana.org Pre-K Family Consultant 160 
Weatherford, Lura lweatherford@argenta-oreana.org Middle School & High School Librarian's assistant 1133 
White, Audra awhite@argenta-oreana.org Elementary Title One 129 
Williams, Mike mwilliams@argenta-oreana.org 6-12 Assistant Principal & Athletic Director 1103 
Witts, Joanne jwitts@argenta-oreana.org Nurse/Health Care Aide MS/HS 1119 - ES 158 
Young, Angie ayoung@argenta-oreana.org HS Counselor 1113 
Young, Tim tyoung@argenta-oreana.org HS Health, Driver's Education, Junior High Baseball Coach, JV Baseball Coach 1159 
Showing 87 items