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High School Staff Emails

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NameEmail AddressPositionExtensionWeb Page Address
NameEmail AddressPositionExtensionWeb Page Address
Mrs. Sparks dsparks@argenta-oreana.org Secretary 1000  
Mrs. Fornear tfornear@argenta-oreana.org Secretary 1100  
Mr. German sgerman@argenta-oreana.org Principal 1102  
Mr. Williams mwilliams@argenta-oreana.org Assistant Principal/Athletic Director 1103  
Ms. Hill jhill@argenta-oreana.org District Social Worker 1111  
Mrs. Young ayoung@argenta-oreana.org Counselor 1113  
Mrs. Witts jwitts@argenta-oreana.org Nurse/Health Care Aide 1119  
Mrs. Weatherford lweatherford@argenta-oreana.org Librarian's Assistant 1133  
Mrs. Trendler htrendler@argenta-oreana.org Physical Education 1147  
Mr. Kirk skirk@argenta-oreana.org Physical Education and Weight Lifting 1151  
Mrs. Greer lgreer@argenta-oreana.org Resource 1153  
Mrs. Hoffman shoffman@argenta-oreana.org Resource 1155  
Mr. Young tyoung@argenta-oreana.org Health, Driver's Education, and Physical Education 1159  
Ms. Cleary ecleary@argenta-oreana.org Consumer Economics, Career Exploration, Foods & Nutrition, Living Environments, Orientation to Family & Consumer Science, Child Development 1161  
Mrs. England jengland@argenta-oreana.org Art I, Art II, Art III, Art IV 1171  
Ms. Anderson randerson@argenta-oreana.org Environmental, Astronomy, Zoology, and Life Science 1172 https://sites.google.com/site/randersonscience/ 
Mr. Molotoris bmolotoris@argenta-oreana.org Chemistry, Physical Science 1173  
Mrs. Spinner aspinner@argenta-oreana.org Anatomy/Physiology, Biology 1175  
Mrs. Ripley tripley@argenta-oreana.org Algebra, Trigonometry-PreCalculus, Calculus 1201  
Mrs. Dambacher adambacher@argenta-oreana.org Formal Geometry, Freshman Geometry, Honors Algebra II, Informal Geometry 1202  
Mr. Bergfeld dbergfeld@argenta-oreana.org Algebra II, Math IV, and Pre-Algebra 1203  
Mrs. Schrey mschrey@argenta-oreana.org English I, English I Skills, English I Enriched, English II Skills, Composition 1204  
Mrs. Stewart estewart@argenta-oreana.org Accounting, Desktop Publishing, Financial Planning, Information Processing, Marketing, Practical Law, Word Processing, Student Publications 1210  
Mrs. Baer cbaer@argenta-oreana.org  English II, English II Enriched, Writing I, and American Literature 1218  
Mr. Cowgill gcowgill@argenta-oreana.org Writing II and English Literature, English 101 & 102 Dual Credit, Honors Literature I & II, English Skills 3 & 4 and Composition 1219 http://argenta-oreana.org/cowgill/ 
Mrs. Chapman mchapman@argenta-oreana.org HS Spanish I, II, III, IV 1220  
Mr. Gebben egebben@argenta-oreana.org American History, American and Global Issues, and Current Events 1221  
  Richland College on Campus Dual Credit Psychology and Sociology 1222  
Mr. Crawford dcrawford@argenta-oreana.org Geography & Government 1224  
Mrs. DeSutter rdesutter@argenta-oreana.org Chorus 1247  
Mrs. Adams cadams@argenta-oreana.org Band and Marching Band 1288  
Mr. Altig taltig@argenta-oreana.org Technology Coordinator 1326  
Showing 32 items