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Argenta – Oreana High School
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Argenta, Illinois 62501
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“Home of the Bombers”

Dear Parent or Guardian:

This letter is provided to supply information about the meal program for the 2013-2014 school at A-O Middle and High School. We ask for your assistance in preventing meal charges during this school year. Students can check their balance daily as they go through the lunch line or check with the school office, therefore they will know if they have a negative balance. You may pay for meals online. Go to This link will make this service available for you.

Parents or guardians of any student who exceeds $ -8.00 in meal charges will be notified by phone and by mail. Two days following the mailing of that notification, the student will be provided an alternative lunch, at full price, if the account has not been brought into a positive balance. Students will continue to be provided with an alternative lunch if their account remains negative up to a maximum negative balance of $- 12.00. Students with a negative balance over $-12.00 will be denied a meal (breakfast & lunch).

Two weeks before the end of school, no one will be able to charge a meal. The student will receive an alternative lunch after being notified that the account is negative; then, the student will be denied a meal.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Middle School Office at 795-2163 or the High School Office at 795-4822.


Patrick Blair  
MS Principal


Sean German
HS Principal