Please view an update about our back to school plan for 2020-2021 (CLICK HERE)

Remote Learning Days


On Friday evening, March 27th, the Illinois State Superintendent directed all Illinois school districts to create “Remote Learning Plans.” In order to prepare and design, each district has the option to use five Remote Learning Planning Days and all other days up to the day we return to school this spring (if we do) will be called Remote Learning Days. This begins on Tuesday, March 31st. The days prior to March 31st are coded as “Act of God” (AOG) days. It is important to note that AOG days and Remote Learning Days count as days of attendance for our school calendar and do not have to be made up.

District administration and a committee of teachers met on Monday, March 30th to work on creating our Remote Learning Plan. The district utilized Remote Learning Planning Days on Tuesday, March 31st and Wednesday, April 1st to finalize the plan.

Argenta-Oreana’s Remote Learning Plan is provided on a link below. If this mandated school closure is extended (and we believe it will), we will continue to provide updates to the Remote Learning Plan on this webpage. Specific information by grade level and/or class is also available via links below.

The goal of our plan is to provide opportunities for our students for continued learning by providing quality educational materials and the support needed to successfully utilize those materials. We believe in supporting the whole child-their mental health, their nutritional needs, and their safety needs.


The recommendation on grading provided by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is based upon the principle of DO NO EDUCATIONAL HARM to any student. In other words, a child’s grade will not be lowered in any way regardless of assignments/projects completed and the quality of those assignments/projects. There are factors outside of the control of our school district when learning is moved off site; therefore, we will ensure that grades are not lowered as a result of remote learning.

We encourage our teachers to focus on the continuation of learning, not on assigning grades. Feedback can occur through multiple means. We know that grades will not be lowered. Can they be increased? Yes! Students who stay engaged and complete their work may have their grades increased based upon their effort. Our Building Leadership Teams (BLT’s) continue to explore this opportunity.


We will get through this together. We will do what we can to keep students engaged and understand that we must work with our parents/guardians to meet our students’ needs.

We will plan periodic Remote Learning Planning Days to review what we are doing, to gauge what is working and what isn’t, and to make needed changes.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Remote Learning Plan can be viewed by clicking here.

Teacher Responsibilities vs. Student Responsibilities

Instructor Student
Provide resources for student learning and engagement Add feedback/discuss topics/issues
Set specific times/methods for communicating with students and parents Reach out with questions or concerns
Provide multiple pathways to assess student learning and create authentic assessments Commit to and engage in this reimagined educational environment
Create a structure and routine Complete assignments and assessments in a timely fashion
Be flexible and understanding with regards to social/emotional needs Be flexible and understanding as Instructors navigate this new territory